Do not panic. If there are young kids at home, do your best to isolate them from the area of infestation. Do not try to deal with it yourself. Call us and one of our representatives will visit your house to assess the extent of infestation.
Our approach is not one-solution-fits-all. We carry out a detailed investigation to find out the exact locations where infestation exists, both inside and outside your property, identify the extent of damage, and then discuss with you what kind of customised treatment will be used to treat the problem. Our treatments are tailor-made for every specific situation.
Our pesticides and other treatment material is 100% environment-friendly and certified harmless for humans and pets. Our experience in industry has taught us which pesticides work best, their effectiveness, and grades of safety. Accordingly, we have chosen the best products that have proved their worth over the years.

In most cases, it is not necessary to vacate the premises as our treatment methods and products are completely safe for humans and pets. Only in extremely rare cases where both the presence of pests and the damage they have inflicted is extremely high do we suggest vacating the premises for your own safety and convenience.

It depends on the amount of infestation and the extent of damage caused already. It can be assessed only after we’ve completed our initial inspection. However, we discuss our plan, including the time it will take to finish the treatment, with you before starting.

Yes, we are experts in pest control in both residential and commercial setups.
No. We strongly discourage any kind of DIY anti-pest treatments as they may endanger the life of your loved ones. Unmonitored use of any form of pesticide can have disastrous results. Hence, we neither sell nor recommend use of pesticides on your own to treat a pest infestation.