Termite Inspections & Protection

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Termite Inspections & Protection

The biggest threat to your home isn’t fire, or flood. It’s termites. Also called white ants, termites cause more damage to Australian homes each year than fire and flood combined. That’s over $1 billion!

Sadly, every day home owners find heart breaking damage that termites have caused to homes where they thought they had nothing to worry about. What is the first step to take to protect your home? Simple. Start with a Visual Termite Inspection & Report by a qualified technician. This will let you know how at risk your home is – or if termites are already there. Remember, the cost of a pest inspection is small, compared to the cost of repairing extensive damage.

If Termites are present our Licensed Technician will discuss with you a solution to eradicate the Termites.

Physical Termite Protection and Barriers are paramount in The Protection of your home. Excel Pest Solutions provide a range of options to suit all Homes and Budgets.